Ice Festival General Information

Purchase an Ice Block :

This Year’s Theme is

"Wide World of Sports"

Please complete the form below, detach and return with your payment to the address provided.

The first fifty submittals received will be used along the streets. All succeeding donations will be placed in our Memorial Park display area. Please, logos will not be accepted. Try to make your creations attractive and/or interactive or leave the creativity to us.

1 block $200

2 blocks $370

Donate to Memorial Park large carvings area: min. $50


Please make checks payable and mail to:

City of Utica Ice Carving Spectacular

7550 Auburn Rd.

Utica, MI 48317

Business or Persons Name: ____________________________

No. of Blocks____ Price $____________________

Pick Own: ____ Let us pick ____

*If designing your own sculpture, please include artwork, a photo or a detailed description of the design

Questions, contact: City of Utica (586) 739-1600

Or email: