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Bryan Ede, Chairman
Cynthia Borowy, Vice Chairman
Tom Steeh, Secretary
Nick Morang, Treasurer
Thomas Dionne, Mayor
Rick Michelon
Jenna Bommarito
Gus Calandrino
               Raymond Lichocki                 
John Panetta
Gary Barney

Nancy Carter, Recording Secretary

2019 Meeting Schedule

The legislative body of a municipality is authorized under PA 197 of 1975 to create a Downtown Development Authority (DDA). The Ordinance establishing the authority must also designate the boundaries of the Downtown District within which the authority may exercise its powers. The Board of Directors of the Authority must consist of between 8 and 12 members, plus the municipality's chief Executive Officer.

The purpose of a DDA is to prevent deterioration and promote economic growth within a business district by developing, adopting, and implementing development plans. Separate plans may be adopted for different development areas within the Downtown District. The plan may include proposals for construction, renovation, repair, remodeling, or rehabilitation of a public facility, an existing building, or a multiple-family dwelling unit that aids economic growth in the Downtown District.

To implement a development plan, the authority may construct, rehabilitate, equip, improve, maintain, or operate any building within the Downtown District for public or private use. The authority may acquire and own, lease, or dispose of any land, or real and personal property that the authority determines to be reasonably necessary to prevent deterioration and promote economic growth in the business district. The authority may also acquire and construct public facilities and make land improvements. The downtown Development Authority Act allows municipalities to take private property under the power of eminent domain and transfer the property to the DDA.

Funds to finance activities of the authority may be derived from several sources including taxes, revenues generated from the use of assets, proceeds from revenue bonds, municipal funds including state and federal grants, special assessment levies, and tax increment financing receipts.

In 1991 the City of Utica created a Downtown Development Authority and established the boundaries of its Downtown District. The City adopted a development and financing plan for their Downtown District. This update presents the City of Utica's Downtown Development and financing Plan for the next fifteen years. This plan amends the district boundaries to include additional properties which are contiguous to the original boundaries on the westerly border of the City

With a comprehensive Development Plan and Financing Plan, along with the previously addressed components, the City of Utica can be better prepared to prevent deterioration in the DDA District while promoting and implementing development plans for economic growth and stability.