Clinton River Watershed Council Information

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Below are links to useful informaton from the Clinton River Watershed Council:

Winter Salt Tips
Green Infrastructure
Clean Boating
Concrete Washout
Fall Landscaping
A Citizen's Guide to Rain Gardens
Single Use Plastics
A Citizen's Guide to Fertilizer
A Citizen's Guide to Native Landscaping
A Citizen's Guide to Rain Barrels
A Guide to Coal Tar Sealants
A Guide to Watershed-Friendly Pet Care
A Guide to Watershed-Friendly Lawn Care
A Citizen's Guide to Selecting a Lawn Service for Watershed Protection
PUR Faucet Filter Info
Reducing Lead Exposure in Drinking Water
EPA_Lead in Drinking Water
Drinking Water Filters Fact Sheet
Landscaping Best Management Practices
Autocare BMP Flyer
School BMPs
Watershed Wisdom Booklet
Homeowner's Resources Best Management Practices
Native Shoreline Benefits
Best Management Practices for Composting Facilities